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Rental Agreement


THIS AGREEMENT made ___ day of ____________, 2016


BETWEEN: _________(hereafter referred to as “the Tenant(s)”) of ______________________  

                                                                                                         Address and Phone #

AND: Kirk Smith and Kelly Barrow-Smith (hereafter referred to as “the Landlord”) of 34 Edenbridge Drive, Angus Ontario, L0M 1B3, Canada.


1.         The rental premise is a Log Home Cottage located at 58 Kales Spur, Machar township, Ontario, just outside of South River, Ontario.


2.         The Term of this agreement shall be as follows: The Cottage will be rented for the nights of ______________ to ________________.  Tenants will arrive on ________and depart on ______________.


3.         The rent shall be _________ (Canadian).  No more than eight people may sleep at the cottage at any given night.


4.         Smoking is prohibited inside the cottage.


5.         Pets are not allowed in the cottage.


6.         The tenants are required to provide their own linens and towels..


7.         The Landlord acknowledges receipt from the Tenant the sum of $300.00 as a deposit to confirm the reservation.  Tenants will forfeit this deposit if they cancel the reservation within 60 days of the rental.


8.  Upon arrival you will be required to sign a security deposit agreement with the property manager.  He will provide you with a copy of this security deposit agreement.  The following Terms shall apply with respect to the deposit:

  (a)      If the Tenants depart before the end of the agreed upon stay, the security deposit will be processed as per the agreement.

  (b)      If the Tenants are negligent and any damage occurs, the repair to the damaged property will be taken as per the security deposit agreement.


9.         The tenants will contact the property manager if one of the appliances requires immediate work or if there are problems that the tenant cannot look after.



_________                  _________

Landlord Initials                       Tenants Initials




10.              Check in time is after 5:00 pm on ____________ and check out is before 12:00 noon on _____________.


Please contact Kelly Barrow-Smith (705) 716-5718 if you wish to check in earlier or later than 5:00pm.  Failure to check out before 12:00 noon will result in an additional fee of $25/hour, we do have guests arriving at _____ pm, ______.           


            I hereby authorize Kirk Smith and Kelly Barrow-Smith to charge my credit card for $300.00 dollars (Canadian).  The remaining _______ is authorized to be charged on my credit card upon arrival at 58 Kales Spur.


            Credit Card #_____________________         Expiry Date________ CRV #_____________________





THIS DOCUMENT is intended to be a complete record of the rental agreement.  Both parties are to have a complete copy of this agreement.  All promises and agreements must be included herein in writing and agreed to by both parties or they are not enforceable.  To confirm your reservation please fax this completed rental agreement form to Kelly at (705) 424-7899.  The landlord will then sign and mail back a final signed document to the tenants address listed above.



_________________________________       _________________________________

Kirk Smith                                                       

_________________________________       _________________________________

Kelly Barrow-Smith


Dated____________________________        Dated____________________________

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