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Dog Sledding Adventures

A Dog sled expedition is a complete winter program.

We recommend a compay Chocpaw for this part of your vacation.   They have over 30 year experience and have over 420 dogs in their team.

They will provide the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to enjoy the Canadian winter and develop a working relationship with your team of sled Dogs as you travel through the Algonquin wilderness.

They take time to be sure you have adequately prepared for your trip in all respects and provide you with an information package including a clothing and equipment check-list well in advance of the trip. They supply all necessary sledding equipment and an abundance of food, making allowances for dietary preferences or restrictions.

Their programs begin with a thorough instruction in dog sledding and winter trekking skills at our shop in South River.

for more information see www.chocpaw.com

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