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Spending Xmas at your cottage was wonderful!! Why go to the Swiss Alps when you can have the same atmosphere at Smith Haven?! We had the perfect Xmas tree and even baked pies.  Thank you very much, the children will always remember it.
The Legault Family
Russell ON
Dec 22-27 2010

Thanks so much for the use of your place again. This is a beautiful time of the year and we thoroughly enjoy it here. Spending time with family is so enjoyable. Thanks again.
Shelly & Ken Ramey & Family
Oct 8-11 2010

The Rokeby Rokkers were here! What a beautiful place you guys have! Very PEACEFUL! Just what we needed. Lots of Food & Lots of Treats!
Syd & Chaka
Aug 15 - 21 2010

Thank you for your beautiful Log House and quiet, cozy environment. We like your interior decor, very homey. First night the kids went canoeing and fell into the water, good thing they can swim.  It turned out to be a funny day one. Thank you again for sharing you lovely Log Home with us and the scrap book on how you built it. It is really a Haven.
Maria, Robert, Junni & Juliens
31 July - 3 Aug 2010

Spent the week relaxing, swimming at Eagle Lake and fishing for bass (never caught enough to eat but I'll let the fishermen tell their own stories). Listening to the singing birds, frogs and wind in the leaves. One day of rain and no bears to be seen at the dump, but many foxes were seen.
Jay, Laurie Ann, Marrissa, Nick, Graham, Kathleen, Nathan & Kevin
July 11-18 2010

The Cottage was amazing! Very peaceful environment, weather was great. Really enjoyed the wrap around porch, had many drinks and good times on it.
Eddie Collins
May 24 Weekend 2010

The legacy continues. thank you everyone for making this weekend work. Thanks Kirk & kelly awesome place. Can't wait until next year.
May 24 Weekend 2010

Thank you for the cottage and the amazing memories, much love.
Cameron & Andra
May 24 Weekend 2010

What a beautiful Winter Wonderland! We have so enjoyed our time here the past few days. The weather was perfect. About 2-3 ft of freshly fallen snow - an awesome day of dog sledding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and walking across the lake. This Log Cottage is so welcoming and comfortable. We have all enjoyed our time here, a much needed rest indeed!! We do hope to return again someday to share this with others and create new memories with our friends and family.
Joanne Anderson, Lisa & Ray Fischer and Ken & Cindy Schwab.
Windsor ON
Feb 3-5 2010

The golden, red and orange leaves dance in the autumn breeze and glow from within as the sun basks the awe inspiring beauty of nature in its light.  Any that come this way and don't take the opportunity to bask and surround themselves with this beauty by a walk in the woods miss out in connecting with an indescribable life energy.  To say this land is beautiful is so understated, but there are few words to describe the essence of it.

And then there is the log cabin.  The beams radiate warmth and make one feel welcome, instantly.  Quiet, cozy, stocked with all the modern conveniences and each window a picture perfect vision of nature.

Being plunked in the middle of the forest in this cottage is heaven,  it was hard to leave and go back to my busy life.  For a few days it was as if time stopped and I counted my blessings.
Joan Post
Batavia, NY
October 2009

What a beautiful place.  Picture perfect.  The walk in the woods seeing the bear claws on the trees was truely amazing.  Can't wait to come back to canoe on the lake
Tammy Zeggil
Sept 13, 2009

Thank you so much for the use of the beautiful cottage.  It was truely an amazing experience the view of the lake was beautiful along with colours of the leaves changing - loved the experience.  The cottage had everything we could need and the beds were very comfortable.  Loved every minute of our weekend.  Hope to come back again and enjoy nature and tranquility like this
Ana, Andy, Angel,and James
September 4 - 7, 2009

Thank you for leting us use this cottage for inspiration.  We had an amazing time and hope to see you next year.  Keep on rockin in the free world
Doug Lenz and his band
August 23rd - 30th, 2007

Had a wonderful time - cottage is beautiful.  A great relaxing vacation with peice and quiet.  Would recommend to freinds and will return.  Thanks.  Weather was great and could not have asked for a better setting.Thank you Very much!
Tanya, Dwayne and Hunter
August 26th - 30th, 2007

The cottage is beautiful.  Everything we needed and more was available.  We all had a fun weekend despite the rainy weather - we made great use of the cottage and had lost of fun!  Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy the lake with the canoe and also no bear appearances - However, I'm, sure we'll get to see them on our next visit! Thank you very much - Beautiful cottage and Excellent location
Gordon and Veronica
Nacer and Margo
August 24 - 26, 2007

Thank you so much for letting us rent this amazing cottage.  It's more beautiful that I imagined.  We all had an absolutely wonderful time, and truely enjoyed our stay away from the city.  I hope that everything is in good order and that we proved to be good tenants.  Please relay my thanks to the Barrowcliffs as well.  It has been a pleasure.
Jamshaid Muzaffar
August 18 - 27th 2007

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the use of your beautiful cottage.  This area is very peaceful and relaxing - Just the vacation we were looking for.  The bears were interesting to see but we are convinced that the beavers must be working for Bell Canada for the summer as "Frank and Gordeon" because there were no sight of them. Ha ha!!  Again Thanks you so much and we look forward to returning.
Sonya & Keving Dupont 
Aug 7th - Aug 14th , 2007

We all had a great time this week relaxing, canoeing/kayaking on the lake, evening campfires, visits to the beach at Eagle Lake, seeing the bears at the dump and of course the quiet and beautiful setting.  You have a beautiful spot here.  Thanks for letting us enjoy all it has to offer this week.
The Bruneel Family 
July 27 - Aug 3, 2007

Thank you so much for renting this cottage to us, we had a blast!  Everyone was impressed with the look of the cottage and privacy.  We will highly recommend to our friends and family, Great place to relax and get away.
July 15, 2007

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